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Friday, June 17, 2011

Sankaku Fish Market (三角市場)| Otaru

This small seafood market conveniently located to the left of JR Otaru station. A lot of tourists and local people are looking for fresh seafood. Opened from 8am to 6pm, it is a good place to shop and eat locally-caught fish!

It is named the Sankaku (triangle) Fish Market because this market space is triangular :-)

It has tens of seafood shops and restaurants on the gentle slope and I recommend to go up the market like this!

I'll show you some of the typical seafood caught in Otaru in June.

■Atka mackerel
We usually salt and grill it, but if it is fresh, I recommend to eat it as sashimi!

They are dried Atka mackerels which are usually more popular than the raw ones at restaurants or home.

Look at the alive hairy crabs and king crabs in the sea water tank! Yummy x 2!!!

■Sea urchin
This is local sea urchin preserved in the sterilized sea water! The sea urchin season has just begun in Otaru!

Shako (Mantis prawn)
They are very famous prawns in Otaru. The seasons of the prawn called Shako are the spring and the fall. The Shako Festival is held here in Otaru in the autumn time every year!

Ikura (Salmon Roe)
The main season of the roe called Ikura is the autumn time, but sold in this market. How rare it is!

They are alive in the sea water tank! It's sweet, big and thick! You can eat it as sashimi on the spot if you want. The store clerks get scallop eyes from the shells and cut them for you!

I love to eat it raw with a little bit lemon juice! Do you agree with me??

Hoya (Sea squirt)
They are alive in the sea water again! Try to eat it raw! It is naturally sweet! The inside of Hoya is bright orange!

Botanebi prawn
This prawn is one of the popular sushi ingredients in Otaru! It's much bigger  and tastier than a sweet shrimp!

There are a few seafood restaurants in the market and you can eat seafood bowls, sashimi and so on.
(*If you are interested in "Dining Takeda (味処 たけだ)"↓ run by a fish shop, please refer to my other post→click here! We ate three kinds of seafood bowl here!)

The owner of this restaurant also owns a fish shop in front of it. Once the customers order something, the chef comes to his fish store, gets fresh ingredients there and starts to cook them. Perfect!!!

If you love sashimi, I recommend a sashimi bowl like this↓

When you find this shop, this is the goal!

Plz come to this fish market next to the JR Otaru station and enjoy the local seafood!

■Where is the Sankaku Fish Market?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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