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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cha Yu (茶語)| Tea Cafe | Oolong & Cherry Blossom Tea etc. | Daimaru Department Store in Sapporo

This tea shop is on the 4th floor at Daimaru Department Store in Sapporo and has a lot of varieties of tea and tea utensils.

There is a cafe behind the shop and

they serve constantly 40 kinds of Chinese tea, Japanese tea, black tea and flavor tea at the cafe. I'm sure you can find your favorite ones among all kinds :) 

These are some of the examples....................

They also have some refreshments such as sandwiches and noodles.

 I ordered one of the oolong tea and

a shrimp & avocado sandwich! Actually I love avocadoes!!!

This tartar sauce is delicious and rich!!!! Yummy x 2!
The oolong tea tasted clean & fresh, which was really excellent with the sandwich!

I've found a poster at the cafe, saying "we are serving seasonal limited tea: three kinds of cherry blossom tea---cherry blossom green tea, cherry blossom black tea and cherry blossom white tea ---in the spring time only!"

I instantly thought my self, "I have to try it!" I love something seasonable!

We can not only enjoy seeing cherry blossoms,

but also appreciate drinking it!

I enjoyed the spring time to my heart's content!

■Where is Cha Yu at Daimaru Department Store?

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■Tour guide information■
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