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Friday, March 28, 2014

THE LAKE VIEW TOYA Nonokaze Resort (乃の風リゾート ) | Hot Spring Hotel | Lake Toya

We stayed at "THE LAKE VIEW TOYA Nonokaze Resort (乃の風リゾート )" the other day.

This is a new hotel, and my guests and I were so excited!!

This is my room↓ I love it!

Look at Lake Toya (洞爺湖) from my room!! How beautiful it is!!!

Before eating dinner, I enjoyed hot spring first.
This is "Showanoyu (ザ・銭湯 昭和乃湯)", one of the hot spring areas in this hotel↓

Wow! Wow! Wow!
THIS is the public bath!!! Japanese public bath areas usually has a Mt. Fuji painting like this↓

The water contains a lot of minerals, making my skin more beautiful!!

 After taking hot spring, I relaxed at the massage chair for a while......

Let's go to the buffet restaurant for dinner!

The area has Japanese,

Western, and

Chinese food corners.

The sushi is very fresh!

The steak is being grilled in front of the guests.

I love local jumbo shrimps (牡丹海老)!!!

Clams (はまぐり) in the spaghetti  are also caught off this area!!

They serve a lot of kinds of desserts, and


I really enjoyed the buffet♪

Of course, I chose all of the desserts! Hahaha!

Next morning, I got up early and enjoyed another indoor hot spring area named "EZO FUJI".
The location is perfect!! Everybody in my tour was enjoying the hot spring and the lake at the same time. Time passes slowly here.

The open air hot spring here is my favorite.
Look at the pic↓
We felt as if the hot spring is connected with the lake!!!

We returned to the buffet restaurant again for breakfast!

I really recommend this onigiri or rice ball. She makes each onigiri after she gets an order.

Everything including this mozzarella cheese is a local product!

Usually I don't eat ramen for breakfast, but I enjoyed it  here!

How delicious the fresh apple juice here! Apples are famous local products in this area! Actually I drank 5 glasses of apple juice this time!!!

How healthy it is!

Of course I enjoyed every kind of desserts and


As the kind is different from the one for dinner, I chose everything!!!

I really want to come back to this hotel, if it's possible, with my guests of this tour. Actually I really miss them......

■Where is "THE LAKE VIEW TOYA Nonokaze Resort (乃の風リゾート )"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Oyome-san1 said...

Ramen for breakfast??????

K.K. said...

It seems it is popular to eat ramen for breakfast now!!!

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maru shi said...

Hi K.K.

I'm planning to visit Hokkaido from 13th-23rd June this year. Can I still catch the shibazakura & tulip in full bloom during this time?

K.K. said...

>maru shi
Shibazakura season is usually until the early June, but please constantly check the real situation on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Hi K.K.

I would like to see some flowers on June 20th in Furano. Is it a good time? can i see the rainbow flower field and lavender? i would be glad if u could recommend beautiful places around.

Thank you

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