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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Otaru Uminekoy (小樽 海猫屋 )| Italian Restaurant | Otaru

After a tour, I visited "Otaru Uminekoy (小樽 海猫屋 )", my favorite Italian restaurant in Otaru.

If you are a fan of Takiji Kobayashi (小林 多喜二), I don't have to explain about this building, which was a setting of his novel.

Hello! Long time no see!!!

Let's go upstairs!

I love this atmosphere, which makes me relax..........

This is a menu↓

I ordered Heragani Crab Pasta with Tomato Cream Sause (ヘラ蟹のトマトクリームスパゲティー), the most popular pasta in this restaurant↓

Heragani Crab is a local crab caught only off Otaru city. The sour and sweet  tomato sauce really goes well with rich crab butter!!!

I enjoyed pasta with crab meat. Yummy x 2!!!

I love this delicious pasta and historical building!!

■Where is Otaru Uminekoy (小樽 海猫屋 )?

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■Tour guide information■
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