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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spice Cafe Verodeca (スパイスカフェ ヴェロデカ)| Soup Curry | Sapporo

After visiting Chocolate Factory (白い恋人パーク), we went to "Spice Cafe Verodeca (スパイスカフェ ヴェロデカ)", a popular soup curry restaurant for local people↓

The location is perfect. It takes a few minutes from Chocolate Factory to this restaurant!

First please choose a kind of soup, main ingredients, drink, and hotness

I chose monthly curry this time.

This is "soup curry with minced lamb and Chinese chive (粗挽きラムとニラのスープカレー)",  monthly curry in March, with Kuromuma broth (黒旨), rich broth with black sesame oil flavor.

Largely-minced lamb is great! 11 kinds of ingredients including Chinese chive, carrot, broccoli, potato are also yummy x 2!!
The broth is very rich, and I love fragrant of black sesame oil!!

It comes with rice↓

Just for reference, this is "seafood curry", monthly curry last month.
I chose Itumono (いつもの), a regular broth.
If you like seafood, you must love it!

How about "ton toro nikomi (とんトロ煮込み)", soup curry with simmered tender pork?
I chose tomato based broth (うまトマ). Tomato broth goes well with tender pork!

I always order Lassi, yogurt drink, when I eat soup curry.

My guests from Hawaii were so happy to enjoy delicious soup curry here.
I know tourist restaurants are good, but most of my guests want to enjoy popular restaurants and cafes that local people, not tourists, visit.
I think "Spice Cafe Verodeca (スパイスカフェ ヴェロデカ)" is one of them!

■Where is "Spice Cafe Verodeca (スパイスカフェ ヴェロデカ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Nasri Winston Tay said...

Hi KK, do you have any ideas where to go during new year in Sapporo?
Ski trip, onsen is out and I was thinking to head to Rera outlet in Chitose and probably Otaru during the night time. I am heading to Asahiyama Zoo on the 2nd day but if there's anywhere else special I may stay there overnight before heading to the zoo.

Edo-san said...

Looks like we have to come back for this!

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