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Friday, July 08, 2011

Kitaichi Glass Sangokan (Emporium No.3) (北一硝子三号館)| Otaru

Otaru is known as a town of glass manufacturing. This began with the production of kerosene lamps and floating balls used in the herring fishery in the 20th century.

Today there are many stores and studios selling glassware in Otaru. Among them, the oldest and most famous shop is Kitaichi Glass, which was founded in 1901.

Kitaichi Glass currently has a couple of stores and a museum, but the best among the stores is the Sangokan (Emporium No.3), which uses a part of the warehouse built when Otaru prospered as a commercial seaport in the 20th century.

You can feel the atmosphere of the 20th century when enter the building!

In the Sangokan, there is a variety of glass products including eating utensils (plates, glasses, etc), vases, lamps, accessories and so on.

There is also a tea room where 167 lamps light up the in the entire space, filling it with a very fantastic mood!

If you like cream puffs, they serve jumbo cream puffs like this↓
I put an ordinary one next to their special one so that you can see how HUGE it is!

If you are an ice cream lover, I recommend the ice cream stand in the Sangokan.

There are many varieties of soft ice cream..........

But, look at this!! They serve SIX-LAYERED soft ice cream!!!!

More surprisingly, they serve "12"-layered soft ice cream during the Christmas season!!! I think it is too much, but funny :-)

We really enjoyed the special soft ice cream!

Plz enjoy their glassware, cream puffs and soft ice cream at Kitaichi Glass Sangokan.

■Where is Kitaichi Glass Sangokan (Emporium No.3)?

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Anonymous said...


We know this you remember ? My head under the bell !!
But no the icecream in april !!

K.K. said...

Of course I do remember the bell accident :-) You're very funny! We really enjoyed Otaru city together. It was like yesterday. Time flies so fast!!!
Your Map Girl♪

Roel Bobis said...

do you know affordable glass supplier in the philippines

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