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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Plantation | Morihiko's Fourth Cafe in Sapporo

Morihiko is one of the famous coffee roasters and cafe designers in Sapporo. I visited his fourth cafe that opened about one month ago.

It doesn't look like a cafe like "D x M", his another cafe near "Sapporo Factory".

But once you enter the building, the Morihiko world welcomes you!

I was so excited before I entered the cafe because I'm a big fan of Morihiko♪

Let's go upstairs!

Wow! Wow! Wow! His new cafe is very fashionable!!

Look at the school chairs in front of the bar!!! I've never though the ordinarily chairs can be cafe objects!!! He is very genius!!!

When you look at the wall, you will find another fun part!!

Experimental instruments are decorated on the wall!! Furthermore, water drops regularly, which makes the cafe customers relaxed!!!

You can choose your favorite seats among several different types such as table with black sofas,

the center big table, regular tables, and seats at the bar.

I really love this flower and spoon desolation on the center table!

 As Morihiko is a famous coffee roaster, I really recommend coffee here!!

They also serve some desserts, and

food menu!!

I ordered a lunch plate and a dessert.

The glass and the light on the bar are also coooool!!

This is a lunch set I ordered!

■Tomato sauce pasta with summer vegetables

Yummy x 2♪ The sauce contains a lot of diced vegetables!

■Navy or kidney bean salad

It also has my favorite celery and other vegetables like this! I love it!

Using this focaccia, I ate up the pasta sauce♪


This is a dessert of adults! It's not sweet, being filled with fragrance of espresso!

I can say this is a nice collaboration of Morihiko's fragrant coffee and the Italian dessert! Please dip it in the sweet raspberry sauce!!

I really enjoyed the lunch here! Let's go down stairs! Look at the entrance from the second floor! Every part is perfect!

This is a bar next to the cashier. Cooooooool!

You can purchase their coffee bean and tools here.

 This is my favorite cafe!!!!

■Where is Plantation?

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As I mentioned, he has three more cafes and a coffee museum in Sapporo↓

*Morihiko: Coffee cafe (←a fashionable wooden building)
*Aterier Morihiko: Coffee museum
*DxM: Cafe specialized in doughnuts and coffee. Please refer to my other post on this cafe→click here!
*Marie Pierre: Sweets shop

Why don't you visit some of his stylish cafes??

■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Anonymous said...

It's a special place. I see a old french car the Citroën 2 CV I suppose that it's a very good Tiramisu. Here, we don't eat the tiramisu with a raspberry sauce.
Thank you for my daily japanese RDV

K.K. said...

>Yes, Very Excellent Sweets!
I really love cafe!!! It's very stylish!!!!
This tiramisu is bitter and actually goes well with this sweet sauce!
Enjoy your daily virtual trip to Japan!!!
Your Map Girl!

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