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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ebetsu YAKIMONOICHI; Ebetsu Ceramic Art Fair 2011 (えべつ やきもの市)| Ebetsu

Ebetsu, 20 min away from Sapporo, is famous for producing red bricks.
The city holds "Ebetsu YAKIMONOICHI; Ebetsu Ceramic Art Fair" in July every year.

There are three venues in the festival, one of which is the station area.

You can enjoy a lot of ceramic arts created by both armature and professional potters, living in many places around Hokkaido. They displayed their works in each booth.

Why don't you negotiate the prices with the ceramic artists :-) This is one of the fun parts in the festival!

I'm sure you can choose your favorites among more than 230 booths in seven zones here in the main venue!

The main event in the festival is the  domino topple, using 2011 miniature red bricks.

We were so excited to see the bricks being toppled one after the other!

I got hungry and went to the food corner.

Ebetsu is also famous for its flour and we enjoyed bread, cakes, sweets and so on, used their brand flour, "Haruyutaka". Among the booths, I liked the octopus dumplings!

Look at the dumplings! They are HUGE!!!

We also enjoyed the Yubari melon jelly!

Yubari melon is a brand melon in Hokkaido. It's really delicious and recommendable! When you come to Hokkaido in summer, plz try it!

I encountered "TAJ MAHAL" for two days in a row!!! I love the Indian curry and

home-made naan!

I've found sake produced in Ebetsu, used its local rice only! We appreciated the distinctive aroma of sake; Japanese rice wine! Do you want to try it??

Don't miss this soft ice cream in Ebetsu! Machimura is a famous dairy farm, selling delicious ice cream, butter, yogurt and so on!

We really enjoyed this local festival♪

■Where is Ebetsu?■

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

On the last picture Take care because a cat is waiting your ice cream !!
Cool or cold ?

K.K. said...

>Your V...E... Special,
Yes! The cat is looking at my ice cream!
It is hot in Hokkaido, too! We don't need a jacket even at night☆
Your Map Girl♪

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