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Sunday, July 17, 2011

FARM TOMITA (ファーム富田) in Mid July | Lavender Farm | Naka-Furano

FARM TOMITA is one of Hokkaido’s premier flower farms. Originally a simple lavender farm, today the farm has expanded to include a number of large fields of various flower types, including Poppies, French Marigolds, and many more.

The most famous image of the farm is that of the ‘rainbow field’ created by planting rows of different flowers along the gentle rolling hills. The image is unforgettable and each year visitors come to photograph the fields made famous by their use in a nation wide Japan Rail calendar.

The farm has several different flower fields like this↓

First, we visited "HANABITO field" near the parking lot. 
Wow wow wow! We were so impressed with the beautiful flowers!!!

It's like a rainbow carpet!

I hope the mid-July is the best season to see the flowers in this field! It was a rainy day yesterday, but we really enjoyed the garden!!!

The field now includes the lobelia, agereatum, soaproot, poppy, periwinkle and so on.

Next, we went to the different field called "IRODORI filed" in the same compound.

You can enjoy the towns-cape from the higher ground! I guess this field will be the best in the late-July to early- August! 
How romantic it is! I like this color combination!

Then we returned to the main area in FARM TOMITA.
This is "SAKIWAI field" filled with lavenders!

The huge field are now very purple!!! A lot of people took pis in front of this main field!

We also  went to "Autumn Field"

In order to see the whole pic of the field, we moved to the cafe located on the higher ground, and saw the field from the observatory.

It is "Autumn" Field, but it is beautiful in "July", too! Very funny :-)

Finally, we went to the "Traditional Lavender Field" on the higher ground. Smells very lavenders!!!

After enjoying the flowers, we went to "Proche House" to buy lavender goods.

They have lavender soap, shampoo, oil and so on.
As they have wide variety of lavender goods, we spent here for 20 mins or so in the shop♪

Then we learned how to make lavender oil at "Distillery Workshop".

You can buy lavender oil and distilled water here! 

Last, but not least, we dropped into the ice cream stand.

You can enjoy lavender flavor (including lavender essence), vanilla (including Hokkaido fresh cream) and melon flavor (including Hokkaido melon juice) in this farm. 

This is a lavender & vanilla soft ice cream! The vanilla is very milky!!! 

This is lavender & melon soft ice cream! Both of them are very delicious and recommendable!!

How about Furano melon? It's super yummy x 2!!

The farm serve other delicious desserts such as lavender cake, lavender cream puff, lavender jelly, lavender pudding, melon buns and so on.

In the previous post, you can also see the details of the lavender goods in the biggest lavender shop called "HANABITO House" and flowers in the late-May in FARM TOMITA.

In the late May to late August, you can enjoy the different flower combinations depending on the season! Why don't you enjoy the beautiful flower garden in Furano!

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Mel Chan said...

hi K.K

i want to ask about furano in mid April to early May.
is there any thing to do around that times?
how about public transportation like bus or train? (from Sapporo & Asahikawa)

me & my friends plan to visit Japan in April for sakura blossom & we want to continue to Hokkaido as well.
problem is, it seems April is not the best season to visit Hokkaido.
in April, the snow is almost gone, but the spring hasn't quite come yet
except for food, we don't have good imagination about what to do there.
so it'd be most appreciated if you can share any advice or experience to us :)

thanks in advance :D

K.K. said...

>Mel Chan
Early May is the best season to enjoy cherry blossoms in Hokkaido!!!
If you want to see lavenders in Furano, it is too early to see them....

Mel Chan said...


Thanks for the reply :)

So basically, i better skip Furano & Biei when i visit Hokkaido in April?

K.K. said...

>Mel Chan
Yes. I don't recommend the two places in April.

Wu Zhen said...

Hi, I want to ask if I go hokkaido in early August, is it possible to see lavender? I heard that some farms begin cutting back the flowers in August to preserve the roots.

K.K. said...

>Wu Zhen
Lavenders can be seen by the early August in the field. Please enjoy!

Wu Zhen said...

Hi, K.K.

Thank you very much! (^^)

Anonymous said...

Do you think the Furano flower fields will be in bloom by Golden Week break this year? I want to go, but not if there aren't any flowers :(

K.K. said...

GW is a little bit early for flowers in Furano..... Sorry......

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