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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vergine Baccano | Bakery and Homemade Pasta Restaurant | Sapporo

If you like bread baked at high temperatures in stone ovens, I recommend "Vergine Baccano" near the Sapporo Artpark in Sapporo.

It is a very popular bakery and almost all kinds of bread are sold out at around noon! Wow!!!

I came here at around 11:00 so that I could get my favorite bread!! Let's enter the shop!

It is made of stone and very fashionable inside!

Let me see........... What should I eat???

These are what I bought today.
■Pain au chocolat
This is the most popular bread in the bakery, made of the same puff pastry variant as that of a standard croissant, with some pieces of chocolate in the center!

Fermented butter is used for this croissant and the flavor is stronger than the normal one. I love it!

■Banana caramel custard
Looks very yummy, doesn't it? This is a perfect dessert for me!

■Grilled curry bread
I love this spicy curry with cheese! All of their bread here is crispy outside and fluffy inside. That's why the bakery is a hit for the local people!

There is a cafe behind the bakery. You can enjoy the nature from the windows in this peaceful space!

When you come to this restaurant, please order their homemade pasta! But be careful! They have a serving limit of 30 a day. The kinds or ingredients of the sauce depend on the season!

Except the homemade pasta, they serve normal pastas, sandwiches, and vegetable and fruit curry! 

Luckily I could order the limited number of pasta. The chef selects Hokkaido flour for the homemade pasta. That's why their original pasta is elastic & chewy!!
Look at the plump &  juicy prawns! I loved this tomato sauce!! Yummy x 2!!

My friends ordered this BLT with some baked eggplant↓The vegetables here were grown in their contracted farmland without using chemical fertilizer.

After enjoying lunch at the restaurant, we went to the Sapporo Artpark↓

Observing some art works here,

we spend about this afternoon walking in the park. Of course we enjoyed the bread we bought at the bakery in this park! 

■Where is "Vergine Baccano"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
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