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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Travelling Exhibition of National Museum of Modern Art & Tea Ceremony | Ebetsu City Ceramic Art Center

As I've heard a travelling exhibition of "National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/ Kyoto" is held in the "Ebetsu City Ceramic Art Center" in Ebetsu,  I visited the museum the other day↓

This ceramic museum is surrounded with

 a lot of nature like this↓ Very relaxing atmosphere!! 

Let's enter it! Of course, we are not allowed to take pictures of the art works, but really enjoyed more than 100 ceramic arts created by very famous artists such as

Toyozo ARAKAWA (↓),

Munemaro ISHIGURO (↓),

Rosanjin KITAOJI (↓),

and Muan NAKASATO (↓).

In this center, there is "Brick Data Room" and

we can learn the history of a brick town, Ebetsu, and

several types and bonding patterns of bricks. How amazing!

After enjoying the art works, we joined tea ceremony held in the building.

Appreciating at the beauty of the Japanese garden,

we focused on the sound of water pouring into the tea pot.

 I love this tense but comfortable and peaceful time.

Today's sweet was a adzuki bean jelly with seasonable chestnuts. We enjoyed the early autumn through this sweet.

How delicious this green tea is!

The tea master used mainly two tea bowls↓

The one was created by Shinobu KOMORI(↓). He used some Ainu patterns on the bowl.

This museum has the "Shinobu KOMORI Memorial Room" and we can appreciate his art works anytime.

The other one was created by Kazuhiko MIWA.
His art works were displayed in the travelling exhibition in the museum.

I really want this tea jar, but when I heard the price, I gave up............ Hahaha!

From the top floor, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery like this↓

We were so relaxed and had a great time appreciating the art works and nature here!

The museum holds ceramic art classes regularly.

■Where is "Ebetsu City Ceramic Art Center"?

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■Tour guide information■
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