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Monday, September 19, 2011

Toraya (とらや) | Japanese Restaurant | Maruyama, Sapporo

Sapporo holds "Sapporo Autumn Fest" from September 16th to October 2nd in 2011, and during the period, 12 famous restaurants in Sapporo offer special lunch sets at the price of 2,000 yen.

Among the 12, we went to one of the famous Japanese restaurants, "Toraya", to enjoy seasonable vegetables and seafood!

The facade has very tranquil atmosphere!

When you enter the gate, you will see some potteries and crafts like this↓

We reserved seats at the bar as usual so that we can see the chefs cooking just in front of us.

It's still a little bit hot in Sapporo and we enjoyed this mugicha (barley tea) before they served lunch.

Chrysanthemum tofu, corn, squid rolled with Japanese basil, fried baby sardine, cheese potato dumplings, turnip with black bean paste, Pacific saury, and fried egg.

We could enjoyed seasonable food cooked by very professional chefs! I especially liked the fried egg and chrysanthemum tofu! Very tasty!

■Seasonable vegetables
Vegetables grown without chemical fertilizers were first deep-fried and soaked in special broth. We enjoyed taste of the real things!

Kamonasu Eggplant
Kamonasu is a special eggplant grown in Kyoto area. It is cooked, added to grated kamonasu soup and topped with deep-fried kamonasu skin like this↓
I really love it!

Next, they served several dishes along with rice and miso soup.

■Grilled king salmon
It is very juicy. We ate it with grated daikon radish and kabosu citrus juice.

The salmon season has just come! The way they broil the fish is just right!

Unohana (soybean fibers cooked with some vegetables)
I really recommend it! The cooks are very particular about the seasoning!!

It goes well with plain rice!

■Miso soup
We were really impressed with this soup. How do they make this broth?? Tasted very professional!

Last, but not least, we enjoyed their homemade furikake topping!

We ate it with rice like this↓ Perfect lunch!

■Green tea and milk pudding
The dessert was also terrific!

With this hot tea,

we really enjoy the special lunch set to the end!

I really recommend their dishes and service!
"Toraya" is one of the popular Japanese restaurants in Sapporo that serve authentic Japanese cuisine!

■Where is "Toraya (とらや)"?

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I've visited "La Blancheur" to have 2,000 yen lunch! The Sapporo Autumn Festival is until Oct. 2nd! Please be in a hurry!

■Tour guide information■
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