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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jyango (じゃんごー)| Horumon (Beef Guts) BBQ Restaurant | Sapporo

You may be surprised, but Japanese people eat various parts of meat. Today I'll show you one of my favorite BBQ restaurant specialized in beef guts especially its intestine!

"Jyango" is very popular BBQ restaurant in Sapporo, and we can enjoy BBQ outside of the restaurant↓ during the summer time.

They recommend some unique parts such as intestines of beef & pork, sagari (hanging tenders of beef), and hearts of beef, and other familiar parts such as ribs of lamb, and beef tail curry.

 Let's enter the restaurant!

Look at the menu!
They of course serve familiar meat parts such as karubi (ribs) of beef and lamb, but most of them are organ parts of beef,  pork, and chicken.
For example ,they serve four kinds of intestines, three kinds of stomachs,

two kinds of tongues, a neck part, a skin part, a heart part, a womb part, a liver part, soft bones, and some other parts! Are you scared???? Hahaha!!! Believe me! They are all delicious!

First, we ordered normal Chinese cabbage kimchi and chanjya(fish innards kimchi)! Yummy x 2!!

Each of the table has its own charcoal stove called shichirin↓ Looks very Japanese, doesn't it??

Please enjoy two kinds of BBQ sauce↓

Do you have any idea what it is?

The answer is kobukuri (wombs of pork)! Please enjoy this texture! I love it!

Question two!
What is it????
The answer is shimacho (large intestines of beef)! It's very juicy!!!

It looks like meat, doesn't it? Hahaha!!
Question three!
What is it??
A. The bottom part of beef's tongue!
This is so rare a part that they serve 5 portions a day!

This is my favorite! I came here to eat it!
Question four!
What is it??
A. Giara (chopped beef intestines inside out)!
As the intestines are inside out and grilled, we can enjoy the soft and juicy part fully, and take a lot of collagen from them♪ This part is very popular especially among young women! One day after eating this part, you can feel your skin becomes five years younger!!!

When you come to Japan, please enjoy very Japanese BBQ!

■Where is "Jyango"?

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■Tour guide information■
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