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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Kabato Seimenjyo (かばと製麺所)| Udon Noodle Bar | Tobetsu

If you like to eat very springy udon noodles, I recommend "Kabato Seimenjyo" in Tobetsu, about 30 min away from Sapporo.

They have no sign, but if you find this banner on Route 275,

there is an udon restaurant!
The noren, short curtain, doesn't have the name of the restaurant, neither. It's like a secret shop..... Hahaha!

Let's enter the bar!

First, please choose the style of udon that you want to eat.

1. Cool or hot noodles?
2. Soy sauce or bukkake (cold soup) or kake (hot soup)?
3. One or two or three portions of udon?
4. Any other tempura topping?

They serve varieties of tempura such as green pepper, maitake mushroom, eggplant, chikuwa (steamed fish paste), half-boiled egg, shungiku (chrysanthemum leaf), shrimp, squid, kashiwa (chicken), and dappi ebi (soft-shell shrimp). Almost all of the ingredients including wheat are produced here in Tobetsu! Perfect!

We ordered cold bukkake with torotama (grated yam and half-boiled egg) and syungiku & egg plant tempura!

Look at the shinny udon, which was freshly-kneaded and cut!

First, pour soy sauce,

beak the half-boiled egg, and mix altogether!

The owner has trained in a famous Sanuki udon restaurant in Kagawa prefecture, one of the popular udon areas in Japan.
That's why the udon here are very elastic and chewy!!! I really recommend this udon!

I love the tempura of local vegetables; shungiku (chrysanthemum leaf) & eggplant!

This is hot kake udon↓ The broth is (I guess) made of dried bonito chips and very delicious!

We also ordered chicken tempura, half-boiled egg tempura, and dappiebi (soft-shell shrimp) tempura↓

I dipped the egg tempura into the clear soup↓ Yummy x 2!!!!

Look at the dappiebi↓ I love the soft-shell shrimp!!!

Wow! It's HUGE!!! I love this kashiwa (chicken) tempura!!! We ate way too much and couldn't move! (Help me!!!!)

This restaurant is open every day until the early-November.

■Where is "Kabato Seimenjyo (かばと製麺所)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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