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Thursday, September 08, 2011

KAYU-SAN-CHIN (粥餐庁)| Rice Porridge and Noodle Restaurant | Sapporo

On the 1st of this month, a new restaurant opened at PASEO, a shopping mall adjacent to JR Sapporo Station.Their name is KAYU-SAN-CHIN (粥餐庁), whose Chinese characters are so difficult that I couldn't read it at first. Hahaha!!

They serve several kinds of rice porridge and noodles.

This is very cute! I guess most ladies love this atmosphere!

The menu is like a lift-the-flap book! How lovely it is!!

They also serve some pho, Vietnamese noodles made of rice flour. I love them!

The restaurant has special discount sets now because the shop opened just one week ago. Of course, I had it, but also wanted to eat red and green rice porridge↓ Looks very yummy x 2!!

This is jasmine tea↓

Look at the seasonings! I love black vinegar, but what's "海洋神起" ???? It is blended seasoning made of oysters, bonito, and kelp seaweed! Sounds wonderful!! I want to try it!!

This is the special set↓

I ate these steamed squid and shrimp dumplings with black vinegar.

My choice was rice porridge with cream cheese, cod roe, and minced green onion↓ The porridge itself is cooked with some gingers and healthy!

I ate it with cream cheese and cod roe first, and

later with the "海洋神起". I love this magic reasoning!

Last but not least, we enjoyed almond jelly↓

Wibble! Wobble!!

We enjoyed the newly-opened restaurant.

■Where is "KAYU-SAN-CHIN (粥餐庁)"?

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