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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Takinoya (滝乃家)| Hot Spring Inn | Noboribetsu - Facility & Hot Spring -

There are a lot of hot spring inns in Noboribetsu, but if you want to relax with the highest-quality service in a Japanese inn, I recommend "Takinoya"in Noboribetsu↓

This is a Japanese inn, which provides the best possible service to its customers.

Every equipment has Japanese taste↓

We were so excited before entering it! Hahaha!

They burn incense, which makes us feel happy!

After checking in, we went to this room, which is a common space for their costumers, providing free drinks.

From the veranda, we can enjoy the great nature! How beautiful it is!

This is a welcome drink (green tea) and yokan (bean jelly). I love this service very much! We spent here for a while, and our own attendant took us to our rooms.

This is the lobby. We can appreciate the Japanese garden from here!

Next to the lobby, there is a Japanese tatami room like this and we can relax here, while enjoying Japanese tea! Perfect vacation, isn't it?

The Japanese garden is very calm and peaceful!

The items on the corridor are also wonderful!

This is my rooms, including this Japanese tatami room,
a room with horigotatsu; a low, covered table placed over a hole in the floor, and a bed room.

There is my own outdoor hot spring like this↓ I'm so happy!

I've visited the room of my guests.
Look at the gorgeous hot spring! Wow! Wow! Wow! The water is very rich in sulfur and the residue can be used as massage mask! Of course, the water is 100% natural hot spring, not being diluted with tap water.

There is a grand bath on the 5th floor!

It's like a stage of Noh, a traditional Japanese stage art!!!

On the 1st floor, there is another hot spring↓

We can feel the wind and nature while taking hot spring outside!

We are really enjoying the inn!
*If you're interested in a wonderful dinner course at this inn, please refer to my next post→click here! It was more than perfect! They use local ingredients and cook them very nicely!!!

To be continued................

■Where is "Takinoya"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Shanae Buckner said...

The place looks nice. I've always wanted to go to hot springs, but my schedule says otherwise. I guess looking at the picture is enough for now.

K.K. said...

>Shanae Buckner
I love to go to hot spring sites, and this is one of my favorites!!! Great, isn't it???
Please visit my blog and enjoy virtual hot springs anytime!!! Noboribetsu has a lot of wonderful hot springs and I often go there on a business basis as well as a private basis♪♪

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