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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unzen (雲仙)| Chanpon Restaurant | Sapporo

Do you know "chanpon", a dish of noodles with vegetables and seafood, mainly eaten in Nagasaki, a southern part of Japan?

When you come to "Unzen", you can eat authentic chanpon while you are in Sapporo, Hokkaido!

The restaurant works as the Hokkaido branch of "the Association of People from Nagasaki Prefecture".

Well, let's enter the restaurant!

 They have some table seats as well as tatami seats like this↓

The couple (back center) are the owners of this restaurant. They make so delicious chanpon that the restaurant is very popular among local people! Some TV celebrities visit here to eat their dishes♪

You shouldn't be in a hurry in the restaurant! The owners are not young enough to cook fast. The time goes very slowly here. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere!

They serve two kinds of their local dishes; chanpon and sara-udon. We ordered both of them, because both of them are so delicious that we couldn't choose just one kind! Hahaha!

This is chanpon. It looks like ramen. Straight and more thicker noodles than ramen are toppled with a lot of vegetables and seafood like this↓

And served in a shallower dish than that in ramen.

The broth here is mainly made from chicken & seafood, and toppings such as vegetables & seafood are cooked in the broth. (Of course the recipe is depending on the restaurant)

I really recommend vegetables on the top absorbed this delicious broth a lot!

This is saraudon, a dish of deep-fried very thin noodles topped with vegetables and seafood in thickened soup.

You can add mustard as a condiment if you want.

See! The noodles are very thin! I like the combination of the very crispy noodles and the thickened soup!

I love the dishes they serve and also the owners themselves. They are very friendly and like my grandma and grandpa!

■Where is "Unzen"?

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■Tour guide information■
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