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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Curling | TOKORO Curling Hall (常呂カーリングホール)| Kitami

I experienced curling for the first time the other day in Tokoro. Do you know that almost all athletes in Japan Olympic team for curling are from this town?

This is "TOKORO Curling Hall"↓

Let's enter it!

Wow! Wow! Wow! A lot of trophies are displayed on the shelves, which made me reaffirm that Tokoro is a town of curling! We were so excited!

Me: "I really want to curl!! I cannot wait!"! Hahaha!

Curling fee is not more expensive than I thought. Actually, I came here on business and didn't have to pay the fee. How lucky I am!

First, buy a ticket,

rent the equipment such as a "curling broom" and

a "slider", which looks like a slipper, but it isn't! Hahaha! If you are right-handed, please wear it on the left foot.

This is a curling stone, which weighs about 20 kg . Do you know how much it is?

A. It is about 100,000 yen!! How expensive it is!! The stones are made of granite found on Ailsa Craig, an island off the Ayrshire coast in Scotland! I didn't know that!

This is our instructor!
All: "Hello! Nice to meet you!!"

Look at the Olympic five interlocked rings! Japan finished fifth in Nagano Olympic Games! Great job♪

First, we learned the delivery with the bar.

And then practiced how to slide stones across a sheet of ice toward a target area called "house", and to sweep the ice surface.

It is difficult to slide the stone, but we were able to enjoy mini-games finally. I guess curling is like a chess on ice! We have to think how to slide or hit the stone each time. How interesting it is!

You know what?
While we were enjoying games, Olympic athletes were coming to the next sheet and began to practice curling!!!! We were so excited to encounter such celebrities!!

Super stars including Ms. Suzuki and Ms. Motohashi nicknamed Marilyn were in the same facility! We cannot believe it!

They are so cool!

We were impressed with their perfect delivery!!

How beautiful Ms. Motohashi is!! Actually she is much more beautiful and attractive than I had imagined!

I'm sure this was one of the unforgettable memories during this trip!

Just for reference,
look at the licence plates↓ 

The license plates in this town are designed to look like curling stones! I really want to move to this town to get this cute license plate!!!

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■Where is "TOKORO Curling Hall (常呂カーリングホール)"?

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