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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chinese Restaurant Hotei (中国料理 布袋) | Sapporo

I'm sure "Hotei (布袋)" serves the best zangi or fried chicken, in Sapporo! It is always packed with a lot of customers especially during the lunch time. Let's enter it!

I love this very cozy restaurant with very friendly staff! The owner used to work at Sapporo Grand Hotel as a cook! You can imagine how delicious the food he makes is!

This is the menu↓ Very reasonable, isn't it?? This is one of the reasons why this restaurant is very popular! Actually we can enjoy huge amount of delicious dishes at inexpensive prices in this restaurant!! Perfect, isn't it??

This mabo noodles or noodles with Sichuan style tofu is one of the popular dishes here↓
Looks very yummy x 2!!!


First, we enjoyed dumplings!

This is the special sauce and if you want............

please add two kinds of very fragrant home-made Chili oil to it!

It really suits with beer!

Here comes zangi, or fried chicken, one of their recommendable dishes! It is very delicious and HUGE! I'll show you how HUGE it is!

I put my iPhone beside it.
See! It's very BIG! The dish has seven pieces of HUGE zangi and the price is only 530 yen! Unbelievable!!

One piece of zangi is as giant as an iPhone!!!

First, please enjoy zangi as it is. It's very crispy!!!
Next, please pour this special sauce over it!

You can enjoy 油淋鶏 or fried chicken with fragrant sauce!
I'm sure this zangi is the best in Sapporo!

We cannot stop drinking beer. Hahaha!

This is another specialty, mabo noodles or noodles with Sichuan style tofu! As a lot of sauce is on noodles, it is really difficult to find noodles first!

Please come here with your friends, and share the zangi and mabo noodles with them! I guess about 90% of their customers order these two dishes!

I really recommend this restaurant!

■Where is "Chinese Restaurant Hotei (中国料理 布袋)"?

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