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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Maruyama Pancake (円山ぱんけーき)7st. Beach cafe | Pancake Cafe | Sapporo

Today I'll show you the best pancake in Sapporo served by "Maruyama Pancake (円山ぱんけーき)", near Maruyama Station.

I like this cozy atmosphere and very friendly staff here!

Usually it is packed with a lot of customers especially during the lunch hours. Yes, this is a very popular cafe! The loft at this cafe has several comfortable sofas. Whch do you prefer, the 1st floor or the loft???

They are serving a couple of special pancake sets now to commemorate their 1st anniversary. (Congratulations!!)

I ordered an "angel pancake set"! The set includes a soft drink, tea, or coffee.

After customers order pancakes, they start to beat eggs to firm peaks form so that we can eat soft and fluffy pancakes! Sounds delicious♪
Well, well, well, it takes about 20 minutes to make pancakes................................ Please wait for a while! Hahaha!!

This is an "angel set"!!! Looks perfect!!!

The pancakes are unbelievably thick and soft!

See!!! These are like fluffy cushions!!!

Do you notice the pancakes contain a lot of merengue??? Yummy x 2!!

Cold vanilla ice cream really goes well with hot pancakes!!

You can pour butter over the pancakes!!

Look at the fruits beside the pancakes!

Strawberry, blueberry, mango, kiwi, dragon fruit, and so on............. What a wonderful pancake set!

Some fresh cream is under the fruits and we can put it on the pancakes!

I really recommend their pancakes!

■Where is "Maruyama Pancake (円山ぱんけーき)7st. Beach cafe"?

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