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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Kinchan (欽ちゃん)| Horumon (Pork Guts) BBQ Restaurant | Sapporo

Today's my post is of the meat lovers, by the meat lovers, for the meat lovers! Hahaha!
If you want to enjoy BBQ at reasonable prices, I recommend "Kinchan (欽ちゃん)" near Tanuki koji 1 chome.

The izakaya is on the second floor! Let's go!!

Surprisingly, we have arrived here as the first costumers today! Lucky us! Usually after 6 o'clock a lot of horumon (pork guts) lovers flock to this popular BBQ restaurant!

I love BBQ on a charcoal stove♪


Look at the menu! They are sooooooooooooooooooooo reasonable!!!!

Have you ever heard kettle sake? This is sake in a kettle heated up on a charcoal stove after eating up meat and vegetables. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

They serve some unbelievably special pricing set menus, one of which includes three kinds of meat, a very large portion of cabbage, rice ball, and miso soup. Do you have any idea how much the set is?

A. It is only 1,380 yen! You must try it!!!

This is a message from the owner.

He said, "When he was a child, his father took him to a horumon BBQ restaurant in a mining town. As he grown up, he has never ever forgotten the wonderful taste and opened this izakaya.........."

■"Coal pit" horumon, or intestine
They use very fresh pork intestines and use special miso-based sauce.

Very juicy, delicious and inexpensive!!! How much is it? It is 290 yen only! Wow!

■Vegetable set (380 yen)
I also recommend okra for BBQ! Please try it!

■Heart and tongue set (400 yen)

I love this texture! Yummy x 2!! The marinated meat here are so delicious that we could drink like a fish♪

Don't forget their dumplings (480 yen), which are very appetizing!!!

Dipping sauce can be arranged by ourselves. We can mix their original sauce with red chili paste, garlic, and sesame.

■Beef ribs (600 yen)

They serve not only pork horumon but also lamb, chicken, beef, and "normal parts" of pork. The charcoal enhances the meat flavor and we cannot stop eating and drinking!

The cucumbers (280 yen) refreshes our month!

■Marucho or "inside-out pork intestines" (580 yen)
This is my favorite part. Pork intestines are turned inside out and cut them into chunks so that we can enjoy the juicy part fully!

See??? It looks wonderful, doesn't it? Yummy x 2!!!

■Yam (200 yen)
The izakaya serves a special local soy sauce named "shijimi say sauce" with yams, which is a little bit sweeter than normal soy sauce.

When yams are grilled, they become nice and soft

This is chochu and soda. I love yuzu cytrus flavor!

■Pork liver wrapped with crepine (380 yen)
This is perfect because I love both livers and crepine!!


Their pickles (380 yen) are also recommendable! We enjoyed this very homemade taste!

When we come here, we always eat ramen (290 yen) in closing!

Pan is placed on the charcoal stove and ramen noodles are warmed in the hot water!

Dip the noodles in the samen soup! Fantastic!

I really recommend this delicious and reasonable horumon izakara!!!!

■Where is "Kinchan (欽ちゃん)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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