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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maruyama PILICA (円山ぴりか)| Hokkaido Souvenir | Sapporo

Hokkaido has a lot of delicious and recommendable souvenirs, whose ingredients are 100% from Hokkaido. How about "Maruyama PILICA (円山ぴりか)", rice crackers made of "Yumepilica (ゆめぴりか)", a Hokkaido brand rice"?

"Maruyama Kamado (円山 竈)," a very popular hamburger restaurant in Sapporo, made the special rice crackers. Sounds delicious, doesn't it?
There are two types.

The teppannyaki rice crackers are in the shape of snow crystals↓ Look very Hokkaido!
Two flavors; "corn potage" and "hot & sweet" can be enjoyed.  Please try the very crispy rice crackers! Personally I love this corn potage flavor. Once you pop, you cannot stop!

This is another type; senbei rice cracker↓ The soy sauce they use is not normal ones! It was awarded among Japan's best soy sauces! Wow!
This is how to make the crackers. First plain rice crackers are baked, and soaked into the special sauce. Then they are baked again.

Usually senbei rice crackers are crispy and hard, while this one is soft and juicy! Amazing, isn't it?

This soft senbei cracker has soup curry flavor, too. Please try them!

We can get these Hokkaido souvenirs at Kiosk, Maruiimai department store, Kamado Maruyama and New Chitose AP.

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