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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

biei SENKA (美瑛選果)| Shop Run by JA BIEI | New Chitose Airport

"biei SENKA (美瑛選果)", which is located on the 2nd floor at New Chitose Airport, is a shop run by JA BIEI (Japan Agricultural Co-operatives BIEI), and sells a lot of kinds of delicious vegetables and other items produced and made in Biei, an agricultural town in Hokkaido.

Look at the long line!
I also have to get popular sellers!!!

"biei SENKA (美瑛選果)" reminds us of rich and tasty vegetables such as potatoes, corn, pumpkins & onions, and

other agricultural products such as rice produced in Biei.

They also have processed items, such as

"Dice Milk", which is a snack made of rich milk and fresh cream produced in Biei. I love it!

How about freeze-dried roasted corn and beans? They are very sweet even without adding any sugar!

Well, well, well, we were queuing for their delicious corn bread. The bread is so popular that we cannot buy more than three boxes per person.......

The bread was featured by "BRUTUS" magazine and selected as one of the best souvenirs in Japan.

I've got it!

One box has five pieces of corn bread.

They don't use any sugar nor water to make the bread so that we can fully enjoy the natural sweetness of sweet corn.

The corn content for the bread is more than twice as large as the flour content!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

I broke up the bread!
Look at the huge amount of corn! We were so impressed with the bread!!!

This bread is available only at New Chitose Airport! I also recommend their bean bread! Let's 0pen the box!


Beans are fully topped with bread!!!

Oh! There are also beans in the inside!

I'm crazy about their bread!

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Lisa said...

That corn bread looks delicious.

K.K. said...

It's very delicious and tasty!
I should have bought two boxes......

When you use New Chitose AP, please visit this shop!!!

adi said...

KK , your blog is very usefull, love to read it, thanks for sharing

K.K. said...

Thanks! Plz visit my blog anytime!!!

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