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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tsukisamu Anpan (月寒あんぱん)| Specialty Store of Bread Roll Filled with Anko (Bean Paste) | New Chitose Airport

If you like anko (red bean paste) and ice cream, I recommend "Tsukisamu Anpan (月寒あんぱん)" at the New Chitose Airport.

The shop is famous for its Japanese sweets in Sapporo and makes several kinds of anpan; bread rolls filled with red bean paste (the most common version), pumpkin paste, or bean paste with brown sugar.............

Look at other ones. There are several flavors for bean paste, such as bean paste mixed with green tea or black sesame!

The smaller ones are also available and we can try the buns easily! How about Hello Ketty anpan or bread rolls with anko???

Today I came here to eat special soft ice cream!!
Have you ever heard or tried anko ice cream??? I'm sure the king of Japanese dessert and the king of western dessert go well with each other!

They also serve strawberry milk soft ice cream, another seasonal ice cream, but it sounds quite normal (although it sounds delicious).....and I tried the first one!

It taste very Japanese!!! The balance of anko and ice cream is perfect! I love it!!

There are several branches in Sapporo, but this soft ice cream is avairable only at the New Chitose AP, and made in collaboration with Machimura Farm, one of the famous dairy companies in Hokkaido.

If you are interested in Machimura Farm, please refer to my previous post→please click here!
I really recommend this very Japanese-flavored soft ice cream made by "Tsukisamu Anpan (月寒あんぱん)" and "Machimura Farm(町村農場)"!

"Tsukisamu Anpan (月寒あんぱん)" is on the 3rd floor of the New Chitose AP.

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