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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Machimura Farm (町村農場)| Farm Stand (Dairy Products & Ice Cream) | Ebetsu

"Machimura Farm" is located in Ebetsu, which is 20 mins away from Sapporo. There are nothing but the nature around the farm, but it is always crowded with a lot of ice cream lovers especially during the summer time.

First, we've learned how to produce milk in this farm in front of the cow shed. The president said, "The milk fat produced here is used at Starbucks in Japan". I didn't know that!!! Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!

After learning milk production, we went to this stand.

You can buy their dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, and so on, but

the most popular dessert here is soft ice cream. You cannot leave here without eating this vanilla ice cream!!! Tastes VERY MILK!!! That's way a lot of people come all the way here even from Sapporo!!

Why don't you enjoy chocolate soft ice cream, too???
It's not so sweet and perfect in the summer time!!! Depending on the season, they serve different flavors such as strawberry.

Looking at the farm scenery, we really enjoyed delicious ice cream. Yummy x 2♪

* A dairy cafe was opened in this premise recently, serving desserts such as cakes, parfait, and ice cream. If you are interested in it, please refer to my other post→click !

■Where is "Machimura Farm"?

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■Tour guide information■
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