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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Machinosushiya Siki Hanamaru (町のすし家 四季花まる)| Reasonable Sushi Bar | Sapporo

Do you want to eat sushi at reasonable prices, but don't want to eat it at Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi)? In that case, I recommend you to go to "Machinosushiya Siki Hanamaru(町のすし家 四季 花まる)" at PASEO in Sapporo.

You can order your favorite sushi piece each time or

a set menu like this↓
Usually a set menu is more reasonable and recommendable!

This restaurant has table seats and

a bar like this↓

Sushi is served on a plate with different color, which has different prices like Kaitenzushi (Conveyor belt sushi), but here there is no conveyor belt and you can eat freshly-made sushi!!!

They serve a variety of sushi!!! What should I order????

Look at the panel! I definitely want to order Tokishirazu(時しらず); very young salmon in this season only!

This is Tokishirazu caught in the Pacific Ocean off the eastern part of Hokkaido↓This salmon is less fatty and more tender and sweeter than normal adult salmon. Yummy x 2!!!!

I also order "Hanamori", a set menu↓

I'll show you each sushi in Japanese (and English).

Hokki (Sakhalin surf clam)
This is one of the famous shellfish in Hokkaido!!!!

Buri (Yellowtail)
I love this fatty fish!!!

Tubu (Whelk)
I love this texture!!

Zuwai (Queen crab)

Kazunoko (Herring roe)
Do you want to hear the crackling sound????

Ikura (Salmon roe)
It's like a jewel in the ocean!!!

Uni (Sea urchin)
Very tasty!!!!

Nakaochi (Backbone flesh of salmon)
Yummy x 2!!!

Kanpachi (Greater Amberjack)
Appropriately fatty!!!

Tai (Sea bream)
I love this lightly-seasoned fish!!

Tako (Octopus)
Sweet and I love this texture!!!

Kurumaebi (Prawn)
You cannot leave this sushi bar without eating it!!

Hotate (Scallop)
This is very thick and rich!!!

I enjoyed comparing this salmon and Tokisirazu or young salmon!

Ika (Squid)
This was caught this morning! Very fresh!!!

Maguro (Tuna)
This is a king of sushi!!!

Next time I want to try this sashimi set including very fresh shellfish caught in their seawater tank at this restaurant, such as..............

Hokki (Sakhalin surf clam)

Tubu (Whelk)

Awabi (abalone)

All of the ingredients here are very fresh and testy but not expensive:-)

Why don't you enjoy reasonable sushi at this sushi bar?

■Where is "Machinosushiya Siki Hanamaru(町のすし家 四季 花まる)"?
It is on B1F at PASEO shopping mall.

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Anonymous said...

I read your blog in the morning andnow I want to eat sushis !!! The sushis paradise is in this restaurant isn't it ?
Yes Very Excellent Sushis !!!

K.K. said...

>Yes, Very Excellent Sushi!!!
Did you eat sushi for lunch or dinner, anyway???
Yes, Hokkaido is a sushi paradise, and this bar is really recommendable, isn't it???
Your Map Girl♪

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