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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Curry House Colombo (カリーハウス コロンボ)| Japanese Curry Restaurant | Sapporo

If you want to eat Japanese curry (not Indian curry nor Thai curry),

I recommend "Colombo", a curry restaurant near JR Sapporo Station.

The restaurant was established in 1973 and has a long history as a curry restaurant!

It is so popular and always packed with curry lovers like this↓ Wow! Wow! Wow!

I like this note on the beam, which says "Ouch!!! To the persons who are taller than 175cm. Watch your head". Actually the beams here are low for them.! Hahaha!!!!

Anyway, let's get back on the track. The restaurant serves several kinds of curry including standard types; vegetable, pork, seafood and beef curry, but I always order today's special!

This is Japanese curry↓ Curry always comes with rice like this↓ and not very spicy. We eat it with a spoon.

Today's special was curry topped with sliced egg and fried chicken with daikon oroshi; grated white radish. I love this appearance! Looks very fancy!!!

The curry goes well with this freshly-deep-fried chicken, but be careful with this very hot chicken!!!

One of the typical items coming with curry is Hukuzinzuke (the red ones below↓); vegetables pickled in soy sauce. It is always red!

The other day I went to another branch of Colombo in Shin-Sapporo↓ 

I ordered today's special as usual.

This is curry topped with cheese omelet! Looks very delicious, doesn't it!!!

The cheese is melting!!!!

All the curry and rice here come with this ice cream↓

Would you like to try Japanese curry?

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■Where is "Curry House Colombo"?

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