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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soba no Sato "Kyoan (京庵)" | Soba Restaurant | Noboribetsu

If you want to eat delicious soba noodles in Noboribetsu, how about "Kyoan(京庵)"?

This restaurant is located in a mountainous area between the Noboribetsu Hot Spring and the Karurusu Hot Spring. It is surrounded with the nature and there's nothing but "Kyoan" around here.

As the sign says, kids under elementary school age are not allowed to enter the restaurant. The lady owner places importance on peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for adult soba lovers. How neat!

Let's enter the restaurant!

This is a very comfortable restaurant, with a Japanese fireplace named "irori" like this↓ The edge of irori is used as a table.

We ordered cold itasoba (buckwheat noodles), and the soba sauce and condiments such as minced naganegi onion and grated wasabi were served first.

The box has two kinds of soba. The darker one is made of milled buckwheat with the shells.

I recommend you to compare both soba without the soup first and then eat them with the soup so that you can tell the difference clearly!

This whiter soba tastes sweeter and lighter, and

the darker one is more elastic and tastes heavier. Yummy x 2!!

After eating soba, please enjoy soba-yu(そば湯) or soba soup!

When you come to Noboribetsu, why don't you visit this small but cozy soba restaurant with a friendly okami (the lady owner)?

■Where is "Kyoan (京庵)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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