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Friday, August 05, 2011

LITTLE JUICE BAR | Pancake & Fresh Fruit Juice Cafe | Sapporo

This is my favorite cafe, "LITTLE JUICE BAR", produced by a vegetable sommelier, serving not only fresh fruit juice, but also delicious frozen desserts and pancakes!

This 120-year-old stone building was used as a warehouse but now renovated as a fashionable cafe, which was sometimes featured by some popular TV programs like this↓

First, order fresh juice or pancakes or desserts on the 1st floor,

and go upstairs. They will make juice after you order and bring it to you on the 2nd floor.

Constantly, they serve about 30 kinds of fresh fruit juice and the kinds depend on the season. Their salad and pancake sets are also recommendable!

I ordered a lunch plate, including pancakes, salad, home-made pickles, vegetable soup and fresh fruit juice!

This is banana lemon juice, which really refreshed me!!

This is broccoli soup. I could get a lot of vitamin B, C and dietary fibers from this delicious soup!!! Perfect!!!

This is the main plate!! SO COLORFUL ♪

They use local vegetables only. Look at the carrot! Very cute and nutritious!!!

Three pieces of pancakes are made of whole grains and two of them are made of rice flour. Dip it in their home-made cassis jam or condensed-milk mousse, which is not so sweet and very delicious!

They use micro-vegetables for pickles!

After eating lunch, I ordered one of the most popular desserts in this cafe; Ichigo-kezuri  (shaved frozen strawberries).
First, they serve strawberries only like this↓

And they put fresh condensed-milk mousse on the strawberries until a costumer say, "Stop". I love this system! Actually I didn't want to say "stop"......... Hahahaha!!!

The combination of fresh strawberries and the mousse is fabulous!! Do you want to try it? This dessert is served in the summer time only. If you want to eat it, please be in a hurry!!!!

Before we left the cafe, my friend ordered fresh strawberry juice to take out.

The owner told us that they use different kinds of strawberries depending on the season. Looks very wonderful, doesn't it???

This is the recommendable juice list in the summer time, such as water melon, Nanko plum, kale mix (kale, apple, and lemon), Asahi melon, strawberry mix (strawberry, banana, and raspberry), and pineapple juice.

I ordered watermelon juice↓

Ms. Mannen, the owner has a license of "a vegetable sommelier" and has a seminar at the end of this month. I want to join it!


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