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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kashiu (香州)| Chinese Restaurant | Sapporo

Kashiu (香州) is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, which serves delicious food, but not expensive. This restaurant is near Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade and easy to find it!

One of my favorite dishes here is subgum chow mein or fried noodles (五目炒麺), which has some big deep-fried prawns and a lot of vegetables!

I love this thickened soup on the noodles!! Yummy x 2!

We also ordered Gyoza (餃子) dumplings↓

Put it with a little bit mustard, dip it in the special sauce and

have a bit! I love this thick dumpling skins and juicy meat and vegetables inside! Usually this type of dumplings are fried in Japan! Unique, isn't it?

One of my friends ordered the dish among the chef's specials.

The dish comes with soup and Szechwan pickles.

This is fried prawns and celery with hot sauce. We really love this!!!!The prawns are big and nice texture!! This sauce is sweet, sour, but hot, too! perfect!!

We've found this poster in the restaurant↓ Hiyashi chuka (冷やし中華)or chilled Chinese noodles is served in summer time only. Let's order it!

It has 12 ingredients on the noodles!

Hiyashi chuka is very popular in summer time! As it is cold, we can eat it well even when we don't have enough appetite!

Look at this! One of the ingredients is agar!

The restaurant has more than 100 dishes, some of which has pics and each of which has a number. Just point the pics or use the numbers when you order.

■Where is "Kashiu (香州)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Oyome-san said...

One of my faves too! When I worked at EC the teachers often went here in our I pop in sometimes....also Yujiro and I had a second date here!!!

K.K. said...

You used to work for EC! I didn't know that you're my senpai!!

I love this restaurant, too! Very delicious, but reasonable♪
Yujiro-san and you had a second date here! Wow! Wow! Wow! Good choice!!

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