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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hakkou Gakuen Farm Stand (八紘学園 農産物直売所)| Fresh Vegetable & Delicious Ice Cream Stand | Sapporo

Are you an ice cream lover?
If so, please visit this farm stand located in Sapporo!!

Hakkou Gakuen(八紘学園)is an agricultural vocational school, which also has a popular farm stand in their huge compound.

You can buy a lot of kinds of vegetables, dairy & meat products here, which are cheaper and more fresh than ones in normal supermarkets.

If you want to buy their products, please come here in the morning! Their vegetables are so popular that they are instantly sold out!

Other than the vegetables they produce, you can buy fresh vegetables grown in and around Sapporo in this stand.

Some of them are grown by graduates from this agricultural school!

You can also buy locally-produced meat in this stand. I love meat produced in Asano Farm in Tobetsu near Sapporo. Pork in this farm is really recommendable!

Today, I bought a bottle of yogurt drink↓ produced in this school! The school keeps dairy cows and their milk and dairy products are really delicious!

I also bought a bottle of tomato juice↓ produced in this school! Taste really rich and you must love it!!!

Last but not least, their soft ice cream is super!!! You cannot leave the stand without eating it!

They serve home (school)-made ice cream.
First, choose the size and kind of waffles.

This is BIG soft ice cream. Taste fresh milk!!! Yummy x 2!!! Do you have any idea how much it is? It is 250 yen only!!!

This is milk soft ice cream with chocolate waffle.
During the spring time only, they serve strawberry ice cream, which is really delicious!!! Of course, the strawberries are grown by the students in this school!

Are you interested in this ice cream?
The stand is near the Sapporo Dome. Please enjoy super-delicious ice cream after concerts,  succor or baseball games and other events held in the stadium!!

■Where is Hakkou Gakuen Farm Stand(八紘学園農産物直売所)?

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■Tour guide information■
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