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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kumanoyu(熊の湯)| Outdoor Hot Spring in a Mountain | Rausu, Shiretoko

"Kumanoyu", which means a hot spring for bears, is located in a mountain, 5 km away from the center of Rausu Town. It is a REAL natural hot spring and free of charge. If you find the signboard of the hot spring, please park your car in the parking lot and cross the bridge! You cannot get lost. Go to a place smelling very SULFUR and you can find "Kuma-no-Yu". Hahaha :-)

The hot spring is separated by sex and each of them has a changing room.

This is a hot spring not only for tourists but also for the local people. When you take the hot spring, please follow 10 RULES that the local hot spring association set.
  1. Read the note before taking the hot spring
  2. Before taking it, wash your body and rinse your body twice or three times.
  3. If you feel the water hot, try to soak your body step by step once, twice and tree times.
  4. If you still feel the water hot, ask other guests whether it is OK to cool the water or not. If they say OK, please dilute it with cold water.
  5. Never bring alcohol to the area.
  6. Do not wear a swimming suit when you take the hot spring.
  7. After you cool the water, make sure to stop cooling water even if you are alone in the tub.
  8. The hot spring is drinkable.
  9. When local people clean the area, you are kindly requested to help them.
  10. Please repeat taking it, warm and refresh your body.
There is NO wall around the bath area for men so that they can enjoy the surrounding nature while soaking their body.

This water is good for your neuralgic, muscle ache, high blood pressure and so on.

This is the entrance for women's hot spring.

The area is surrounded by a wall and you can feel free to take the hot spring in the nature!

Well, well, well...........
I'll give you an important notice!
This water is VERY HOT!!! Please mentally prepare for that! Hahaha!!!

We really enjoy the very natural hot spring!!
If you want to stay at a hotel near this very natural hot spring, please refer to my previous post, which features the hotel.→click

■Where is "Kumanoyu(熊の湯)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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