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Monday, August 08, 2011

Farm Restaurant Chiyoda (ファームレストラン千代田)| Biei Beef Restaurant | Biei

Would you like to eat delicious beef stew like this?

"Farm Restaurant Chiyoda" is a very popular beef restaurant in Biei.

Just for reference, the scenery in the winter time is like this↓

Please make a reservation in advance because it is always packed with beef lovers like this↓

They use "Biei Beef", a brand beef. Here are menues↓ All of them are delicious beef dishes♪

"Biei Beef" is very tender and tasty because its feed grains is mixed with sake cake, whose barm energizes bacteria activities and the beef cattle absorb a lot of amino acid in their body! Sounds very yummy!!

We ordered a beef stew set, the most popular item in the restaurant.

Look at the salad. It looks normal, but the vegetables in Biei are very delicious!! The soil here is very fertile and its agricultural products taste very rich! All of my tour guests were impressed with this salad before eating main dish! Hahahaha!

This is pumpkin potage. Of course this pumpkin is a local product. When you come to Biei, please appreciate pumpkins and potatoes produced in Biei. Taste very different!!

This is my favorite beef stew!!!

The beef is very tender and we didn't have to use knife to cut it! The fat is naturally sweet!!! Please open your mouth, and enjoy this beef stew!! 

After enjoying the lunch, we enjoyed "Fureai Bokujyo" (animal farm) in front of the restaurant.

 They keep several kinds of animals like this↓

First, we bought the food for the animals and enjoyed feeding them.
This is a peacock.

They are silky fowls. Actually we ate ramen with silky fowl broth  at "saijyo", a famous ramen restaurant, in "Asahikwa Ramen Village" in the previous day, and all of us felt some guilty...... :-(

(If you are interested in Asahikawa Ramen Village (ramen complex), please refer to my previous post→click!)

The ponies are very cute!!

They are Jersey, whose milk is very delicious!!!

They are walking steak!! Just kidding :-)

It's like scenery in New Zealand, isn't it? Hokkaido is very spacious!!

We really enjoyed Biei!

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■Where is "Farm Restaurant Chiyoda"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

The head of the cow are very cute. Do you have other pictures of these cows ? I read french words in your blog you speak french now ?
Yes Very Excessif Shooting

K.K. said...

>Yes, Very Excellent & Sapid!
I've updated all of the pics of the cows..... Do they cute?? I really enjoyed Biei♪
Unfortunately I cannot speak French but know some basic words like bonjour.......... very very basic french words :-( OK, I'll learn French to communicate with you smoothly!!
Your Map Girls!

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