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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pronno (アイヌ料理と手作りの店 民芸喫茶ポロンノ)| Ainu Restautant | Lake Akan Ainu Village

I take a lot of tourists to Ainu villages as a tour guide. Generally my guests are so interested in their culture that my guests are excited to see their performance and traditional housing at outdoor museums, but have never tried their traditional food. Through my blog, I'll introduce their dishes to you.

I was back to the "Lake Akan Ainu Village (阿寒湖アイヌコタン)" at night in order to eat authentic Ainu dishes.

This is "Pronno (アイヌ料理と手作りの店 民芸喫茶ポロンノ)" serving traditional Ainu dishes.

Look at the menu! I want to try everything including their desserts!! Hahaha! Let's enter the restaurant!

How distinctive the atmosphere is!

They display Tonkori (トンコリ・竪琴), a traditional Ainu harp, on the wall, whose sounds are very gentle and soothing......

Look at the tapestry with Ainu patterns! How lovely it is!

This menu book has also Ainu design! Perfect!

Anyway, I ordered a "Yukku set (ユックセット)", a venison soup set, after all. This is the most popular set in this restaurant.

Of course, I also ordered Ainu herb tea.....

This is one of the typical traditional Ainu dishes.

"Yukkuohau (ユックオハウ)" has a lot of seasonable mountain vegetables such as ...........

Kitopiro (行者ニンニク) or alpine leek, butterbur (フキ), nuts, and of course venison!! As they use seasonings only a little, we can enjoy the natural taste.

This is Mehun (メフン), salted salmon sand vein, which goes well with sake and Ainu rice. If you love sake, I'm sure you must love it!

This is Amamu (アマム), rice cooked with Kitopiro (行者ニンニク), Nikoro beans (にころ豆), and millet, which tastes a little bit sweet and yummy x 2!!!

I really enjoyed Ainu dishes!!
Last but not least, I tried Shikerebe tea (シケレベ茶), an Ainu herb tea made by boiling nuts of Amur Corktree (キハダ).
This is good for stomachache, and surprisingly or naturally it tastes like a digestive medicine!!! Hahaha!

Some of Ainu crafts are sold at this restaurant, such as Mukkuri (ムックリ), a mouth harp for Ainu people.

How do you like Ainu dishes?
I really enjoyed their culture very much!

(* If you need general information on the Lake Akan Ainu Village (阿寒湖アイヌコタン), please refer to my other post→click here! We enjoyed their dances and musical instruments in the village theater!)

■Where is "Pronno (アイヌ料理と手作りの店 民芸喫茶ポロンノ)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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