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Sunday, April 28, 2013

MASAZO (MASA蔵)| Ramen and Tsukemen Restaurant | Iwamizawa

I'm so happy to find a wonderful ramen restaurant in Iwamizawa today.
This is "MASAZO (MASA蔵)"↓, 15 minutes' walk from JR Iwamizawa station (JR岩見沢駅).

Let's enter the restaurant!
This is a very compact restaurant like this, and always packed with a lot of ramen lovers!!

When you come here, you should order tsukemen (つけ麺), ramen accompanied with soup for dipping.

Their broth is made of pork bones and shrimp, which is very very recommendable!!!

I orderd soy-sauce flavored tsukemen (海老醤油つけめん)↓

Look at the noodles! They are much much thicker than normal ramen!!

The dipping soup has strong impact with shrimps and soy sauce! Yummy x 2!!!

The very thick noodles go well with very rich shrimp soup!! I love it!

If you love shrimps, you can add shrimp broth to the dipping soup.

Now Shrimp flavor outweighs to pork bone flavor!!

 How about "shrimp rice with roasted pork (炙りチャーマヨ丼)"?

I really recommend it!

The pork is additionally grilled, and covered with mayonnaise!!

Under the pork, there is rice cooked with shrimp broth. Perfect!!

We were also interested in their ramen, and ordered special miso ramen (2代目味噌), which they serve only 10 sets a day!

Looks very yummy x 2!!

The noodles are thick like tsukemen.

And the soup is milder than tsukemen.

I think this ramen goes well with simple shrimp rice cooked with shrimp broth (えび飯).

This looks like rice donated to the Buddhist altar!! Hahaha!
Anyway, it tastes very shrimp and very rich!

I really recommend this ramen restaurant, and will come back here soon to eat spicy miso ramen!!!

■Where is "MASAZO (MASA蔵)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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