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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Azuki (日本茶・甘み処 あずき)| Japansese Tea & Sweets Cafe | Ebetsu

This is "Azuki (あずき)", my favorite Japanese tea & sweets cafe, located in Ebetsu, 30 minutes from Sapporo↓

Let's enter it!
Look at the teapots and other tea utensils! They are not only decorations at the cafe, but we can buy them here! Eeny, meeny, miney, mo .........

Actually we came here just to eat Japanese sweets today, but ........

if we ordered Japanese green tea additionally, the set price would be 1,000 yen only! Of course, we should order it!

This is warabi mochi (わらび餅) or bracken-starch dumplings! Immediately after I ate it, the dumplings were melted in my mouth! Yummy x 2!!

First, we tasted it without adding any syrups. Wonderful!!

The dumplings come with three kinds of syrup; brown sugar syrup (黒蜜), white sugar syrup (白蜜), and refined Japanese sugar syrup (和三盆), and I love the last one the best!!

Actually using my hunch, I ordered this dessert, too↓ As this cafe specializes in Japanese tea, and their dumplings above are very delicious, the green tea mitsumame with rice flour dumplings (抹茶白玉あんみつ) must also be wonderful! Do you think so, too?

I was RIGHT!
This is supper supper yummy x 2!!!!
The green tea part is of course perfect, but look at a lot of fruits in it! Wow! Wow! Wow! When I poured green tea syrup over it, it tasted milder. One bit, multiple taste! Hahaha!!

Last but not least, we ordered newly-harvested tea! 

Saemidori (さえみどり), a brand green tea produced in Yaku Island (屋久島) located in southern part of Japan, tastes very refreshing! I felt spring!!

This is Yutakamidori (ゆたかみどり), a brand Chiran tea (知覧茶) produced in Kagoshima prefecture. Japan is a long country!! Hokkaido, the most northern island had snow a week ago, but Kagoshima has already produced tea in this season!!!

Looking at this chart and with instructions by a tea master, we made second and third tea by ourselves.

After I added fried brown rice in the third tea, its characteristics changed drastically! How interesting it is!

The meringue does not taste too sweet, which goes well with Japanese tea!

I'm sure I'll be back again very soon!

■Where is "Azuki (日本茶・甘み処 あずき)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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