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Saturday, April 06, 2013

PADELLA (パデラ)| French Restaurant | Otaru

If you want to eat French dishes near the Otaru Canal (小樽運河), how about "PADELLA (パデラ)" on the 2nd floor of "Hotel Nord Otaru (ホテルノルド小樽)"?

It was constructed with marble stones outside, but the interior decoration was mainly made of wood like this↓

This is our lunch course↓
We enjoyed fresh shrimps and smoked salmon first. Yummy x 2!!

I chose minestrone as a soup............. I needed Vitamin C!!!

This time we had W mains, one of which was a seafood dish. I love local sweet scallops very much!

Usually travel agents propose Japanese dishes such as sushi to their tour guests when they come to Otaru, but I was so relieved my guests loved this French course!!!

I chose this chicken steak, but beef steak that my guests ate seemed to be delicious, too!

After the orange sherbet refreshed our mouth,

we enjoyed the cake set!

Of coruse after enjoying the lunch, we went to the Otaru Canal (小樽運河), and had a good time!

If you are interested in the canal, please refer to my other post→click here!

■Where is "Hotel Nord Otaru (ホテルノルド小樽)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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