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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kita no Lamp Tei (北のランプ亭)| Seafood BBQ Restaurant | Shiraoi

If you want to enjoy delicious seafood BBQ and hot spring at the same place, I recommend "Kita no Lamp Tei (北のランプ亭)" in Shiraoi (白老)!

This restaurant is just in front of the Pacific Ocean! Perfect location, isn't it?

When it's a beautiful day, it is great to eat lunch at the terrace!

How beautiful the ocean is!!

This is the menu for the lunch time. You must be surprised at a portion for one person.

These are "Seafood BBQ sets (海鮮炭定食)" for four persons. My guests really enjoyed this delicious seafood caught off this area! The seafood so fresh that we can eat it as sashimi!!

They also ordered a "meat BBQ set (大地の炭焼定食)", 

a "sashimi set (お刺身定食), and
(*They are of course caught in the Pacific ocean just in front of the restaurant!!)

a "deep-fired oyster set (かきフライ定食)".

Look at the plump oysters!

Please dip it in the delicious tartar!!! Yummy x 2!!!

This is today's special (おまかせ定食)! How big the seafood and vegetable fritters are!!

I should have ordered this seafood bowl??? Hahaha!

Actually I ordered a "seafood and meat BBQ set (海・山炭焼定食)"because I love meat, too!

Each set comes with rice, salad, miso soup, pickles, and a small dish like this↓ Are these normal side dishes? No, No, No!!!!

Look at the miso soup! It has several asari clams!!!! I love this fresh seafood texture!!!

Please enjoy the fresh ingredients with three kinds of BBQ sauce!

This is Sakhalin surf clam caught off Tomakomai city! How sweet it is! It is so fresh that I made it rare!

The vegetables were also produced in this area!

How about Hokkaido beef? It is very juicy! I love charcoal-broiled fish and meat!!

This home-made bacon is really recommendable!

This scallop was again caught off this area! Would you like to eat it? Please open your month! Hahaha!

We were so happy to eat such delicious local products!

This salmon was the best among all seafood today! It is perfectly fatty!!

This is not the end of our lunch.
Look at the today's special sashimi memu↓ Today they serve smelt sashimi, squid sashimi, HUGE botan prawn sashimi, Pacific saury sashimi, and boiled hairy crabs.

We ordered smelt sasimi (ししゃも刺), because it is very local. Except this area, it is very difficult to get such fresh smelt and eat it as sashimi!!! Actually when it came to our table, the head was still moving a little bit!! Wow! Wow! Wow!

I love it!!! It is super-delicious!!!

This restaurant is very unique! How unique is it? Let's enter the "Natural Hot Spring --Zange no Heya-- (天然かけ流し温泉 懺悔の部屋)"↓

Yes! It has an outdoor hot spring!

This is just in front of the ocean! How comfortable it is!

The hot spring is alkali with salt!

Look at the large amount of natural water!! And guess what? It is free!!!

The time tricked by very slowly here!

■Where is "Kita no Lamp Tei (北のランプ亭)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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