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Monday, October 29, 2012

KINOTOYA 2 (きのとや 2) | Ice Cream & Cheese Tart Stand | New Chitose AP

The New Chitose Airport has a lot of attractive restaurants and cafes. Today, I'll show you "KINOTOYA 2", a yummy x 2 dairy sweets stand"♪

One of the popular items here is the cheese tarts

We can enjoy freshly-baked hot hot hot cheese tarts at this stand!!! Perfect ♪

How about their soft ice cream? Among four kinds of flavors; milk, raspberry, chocolate, and caramel, I chose........................

Raspberry! The ice cream is made of Hokkaido milk, and very rich, dense, and ..............................

super-milky, which goes well with this sour raspberry sauce!!! Yummy x 2!!! "Kinotoya (きのとや)", is one of the famous sweets companies in Hokkaido, and I also recommend their other sweets such as cookies and cakes.

This stand is on the 2nd floor of the Center Plaza at the New Chitose Airport.

■Tour guide information■
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