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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Furano Cheese Factory (富良野チーズ工房)| Furano

Furano Cheese Factory (富良野チーズ工房) is famous for delicious cheese, of course, but I also recommend ice cream made from fresh milk, and pizza with their cheese!

Look at this comfortable atmosphere! The facility is sounded with the nature!

We just relaxed for a while, taking pictures and walking around this compound!

Let's enter the building!
Visitors can learn how to make cheese on the 1st floor.

As we looked at the cheese-making process, we got very hungry suddenly, and dashed to the second floor! Hahaha!

Before shopping, we fully enjoyed tasting their cheese!

Three kinds of cheese were served; "Wine Cheddar" (made of Furano wine and fresh milk),  very milky " Maison de Pierre",  and .............

"Sepia" made of fresh milk and squid ink. Personally "Sepia" is my favorite, tasting very Hokkaido!

Don't forget to take pictures with this cow!

Would you like to eat pizza with Furano cheese?
If so, I recommend a pizza restaurant next to Furano Cheese Factory.

They mainly use local ingredients and

baked pizzas in the stone oven! Yummy x 2!!

Actually Furano Cheese Factory reminds a lot of local people of their gelato!

There's a long line in front of the ice cream parlor all the time!

Which should I eat today??

They serve several kinds of flavors, all of which are made of local ingredients.

As I wanted to eat three flavors, but they don't serve triples, I ordered a double and a single gelato! Hahaha!
These are cheese and asparagus! Yummy x 2! You cannot miss cheese flavor because this parlar is in the"cheese" factory. I also recommend vegetable gelato such as corn, pumpkin, and asparagus because Furano produces delicious vegetables!!

"White" tastes very milk! I should have ordered Furano melon flavor, too? Hahaha!

How do you like pumpkin ice milk?

I also recommend grape ice milk (ふらのぶどう果汁), made of local milk and local grape.

We fully enjoyed this facility!

■Where is "Furano Cheese Factory (富良野チーズ工房)"?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Cheryl Yeo said...

Hi~ KK-san. I also love traveling and food hunting.
I went to this cheese factory before but our tour guide never tell us there's something to see downstairs. He just brought us up to 2nd floor for the cheese tasting... felt a little disappointment. I'm also blogger and I love your blog~ keep it up :)
and my blog is

K.K. said...

>Cheryl Yeo
A happy new year!
The facility has a lot of attractions! I love their gelato especially!

Lerma Advincula said...

Hi K.K. Do we need entrance tickets to be purchased ahead of time for the Furano Cheese Factory?

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