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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Takara Sushi (宝すし)| Sushi Bar | Otaru

If you'd like to go to local authentic sushi bars, not sushi bars for tourists, how about "Takara Sushi (宝すし)" in Otaru?

It's not a big sushi bar with a counter and a few dine tables.

Personally, I recommend today's special. They use only carefully selected seafood! Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

First, miso soup with sea lettuce was served. Well, well, well, the sushi show will start! Hahaha!

Look at these!! Looks obviously different from normal sushi, right? The chef's choices today were (from right) herring roe, king crab, botan prawn, toki shirazu salmon, striped jack, Pacific bluefin tuna, and kelp-marinated hime. Yummy x 2!! You don't have to dip it in soy sauce. The chef selects the best soy sauce for each sushi, and brushes it on each one! Look at the tuna! It was melting in my mouse!!!

How about three kinds of shellfish; abalone, Sakhalin surf clam, and scallop? All of them were, of course, caught off Hokkaido! Taste more than perfect!!!

The chef at this bar makes new sushi, just after I eat up the previous ones. I love this timing!

Otaru reminds a lot of people of mantis shrimps, which are really delicious and recommendable!

When you come here, you cannot miss conger sushi, which is the most popular sushi in this restaurant! It is crispy outside, and very juicy inside!

Just for reference, this is a reasonable set named "Takara Nigiri (宝握)"↓

If you'd like to enjoy an authentic sushi bar, I really recommend "Takara Sushi (宝すし)" in Otaru.

■Where is "Takara Sushi (宝すし)"?

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