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Thursday, August 15, 2013

STEAK HOUSE Hama (ステーキハウス ハマ札幌店)| Susukino/ Sapporo

We visited "STEAK HOUSE Hama (ステーキハウス ハマ札幌店)", a famous steak restaurant, located in Susukino (すすきの), Sapporo, tonight.

Look at the meat↓ I'm sure you will instantly notice this is a high-end restaurant.

I've made a reservation of this private room for my tour guests! I'm so happy that they loved this atmosphere immediately after they entered this space!

This is our own chef↓
How exciting his performance is!! He is just in front of us!! First, we ordered huge shiitake mushroom.

How lovely and delicious the mushrooms are!!

These are today's steak source; chili and onion & garlic soy source↓
Actually we didn't use both too much, because the meat itself was super wonderful!!

Here comes "choicest Japanese Black--tenderloin (特選黒毛和牛テンダーロインステーキ)"↓ Are we in the heaven? This meat looks more than perfect!!!

Show time!!! Hahaha!!!

Pot herbs make our meat much much more delicious!!!

It's high time to eat the Japanese Black!!

How do you like it?

Do you think this is very appetizing???
(Yes, of course! Hahaha!)
I really love it!

 Don't miss locally-grown vegetables, too!

The asparagus tastes really dense and sweet!

Last but not least, we moved to a different room, which doesn't  smell steak, and enjoyed Yubari melon (夕張メロン).

Everything was very very yummy!

My tour guests and I really enjoyed very happy dinner time tonight!

■Where is "STEAK HOUSE Hama (ステーキハウス ハマ札幌店)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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