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Saturday, August 10, 2013

FARM TOMITA (ファーム富田) in Early August | Lavender Farm | Naka-Furano

FARM TOMITA is one of Hokkaido’s premier flower farms. Originally a simple lavender farm, today the farm has expanded to include a number of large fields of various flower types, including Poppies, French Marigolds, and many more.

The most famous image of the farm is that of the ‘rainbow field’ created by planting rows of different flowers along the gentle rolling hills. The image is unforgettable and each year visitors come to photograph the fields made famous by their use in a nation wide Japan Rail calendar.

The farm has several different flower fields like this↓

Among them, we visited "HANABITO field" near the parking lot, because it is the most beautiful in this season!
Wow wow wow! We were so impressed with the wonderful flowers!!!

Lavenders are over the peak season, but the other flowers are more than perfect!

The park is packed with a lot of people, and you may not park a car near the park..... Please be careful!!

But it's worth coming here! I love this farm!!

It's like a rainbow carpet!

The field now includes the lobelia, agereatum, soaproot, poppy, periwinkle and so on.

After enjoying this farm, please enjoy lavender and melon ice cream! Yummy x 2!!

The farm serve other delicious desserts such as lavender cake, lavender cream puff, lavender jelly, lavender pudding, melon buns and so on.

In the previous post, you can also see the details of the lavender goods in the biggest lavender shop called "HANABITO House" and flowers in the late-May in FARM TOMITA.

In the late May to late August, you can enjoy the different flower combinations depending on the season! Why don't you enjoy the beautiful flower garden in Furano!

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Is hotel Furano Natalux near to Farm Tomita? If I drive from Chitose airport, should I go Farm Tomita first?

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