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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sounkaku Grand Hotel in Sounkyo, Daisetsuzan National Park

Sounkyo is a touristy hot spring resort in a narrow valley of Daisetsuzan National Park with a pleasant village center, onsen baths and beautiful nearby waterfalls. It is also a good base for walks and hiking tours into the national park.

Snow still remains on the road and mountain tops.
Today's hotel is Sounkaku Grand Hotel, the center of this pic↓.

I'm staying this room, very comfortable Japanese room!!!

This is a Japanese restaurant for dinner in the hotel.

I like this horigotatsu - style seatings refer to the seating arrangements on Japanese tatami floors where there are sunken areas beneath the dining tables for comfortable leg room.

The restaurant has an order-buffet style.
We can order any item in a menu.

■Sashimi, crab soup, and...........

■Jelly fish salad

■Hokkaido beef steak

■Salmon & ikura (salmon roe) bowl


Takraba (king crab) x 3 :)


We enjoyed onsen (hot spring), too!

I love outdoor onsen!

It is surrounded by some rocks like this↓

There is a roof in order to avoid sunshine. Perfect!

The water is transparent and smells sulfur! This onsen makes me relax and the minerals in the water keep me warm even 2 hrs after taking it!

We can enjoy the nature from the onsen place on the 5th floor!

Actually, we enjoyed two famous waterfalls and Obako: giant stone columns in the morning !
I'll show you on the next blog! Plz wait!

■Where is Sounkaku Grand Hotel?

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■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


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