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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Iwaki (いわき)| Gigantic Tempura Rice Bowls Restaurant | Naganuma

It is snowing in Hokkaido even in May!! It's spring right now, right?  Do you believe it?????

Today I went to Naganuma town in order to eat famous huge tempura bowls! It takes within 1 hr from Sapporo, but look at the traffic signal! It has only one color, blinking the light ((((((ノ゚⊿゚)ノ

This is the destination! I cannot wait to eat jumbo tempura!!!

I was so excited to see this menu! Wow wow wow wow.......(-_\)(/_-)三( ゚Д゚)

This is a tempura bowl set called "Akajidon, or Tempura Rice Bowl in Deficit!" I like this name о(ж>▽<)y ☆
I put my iPhone as a measure beside the tempura bowl! You can imagine how titanic it is!

Five pieces of massive prawn tempura !!!!!

And Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong!

This is a different tempera bowl set, named "Kurojidon, or Tempura Rice Bowl in Surplus"! Hahahahah (*^▽^*)

It has five pieces of mammoth crab tempura! It's more than I can imagine!

If you need more source, you can pour it like this!

There are small jars on the table like this and we can eat pickled green chili and salt-cured squid guts, if you like!

 I love them! The squid really goes well with sake or beer!

You can take flakes of tempura free of charge, but I was too full to enjoy the great service ( ̄_ ̄ i)

■Where is the restaurant in Naganuma town?
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■Tour guide information■
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