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Monday, May 02, 2011

Restaurant Alpha (レストラン アルファ)| Delicious SPF Pork Steak, Ham & Bacon | Tobetsu

I really love meat and I call myself a "meat lover"! Today I went to Tobetu town near Sapporo to eat delicious SPF pork.

*What is SPF pork?
It's pork free from five specific pathogens.

Thanks to the minimal use of antibiotics to produce SPF pork, this meat is said to be less odoriferous and retain more meat juice in it than other pork, keeping it from going hard when cold.

Anyway, I visited this reaurant↓

The atmosphere is very relaxing!

First, we ordered wine!

This vichyssoise tastes really creamy. They said that the potato for the soup was produced here in Tobetsu!
That's way.....:)

I really recommend this uncured ham and bacon!
But don't forget the tomatoes!
It's like a dessert! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet! Of course , this is a local product, too!

I really love this bacon! That's why I ordered this carbonara to enjoy it!

This is one of our main dishes, fried SPF pork! It's tender and juicy!


This is the other main, SPF pork steak (320g)!  The meat was marinated with special seasoning!

I had never eaten such a delicious pork steak!

On the 1st floor, we can get the same ingredients that the restaurant serves.

 I bought this shoulder ham & soft salami! I believe these go well with wine!!!

Of course, I bought delicious tomatoes!!! I asked the owner why the tomatoes are sweet! He said the soil around here is very fertile!

After enjoying the lunch, we went to a dam construction site near the restaurant!

After it is completed, a bridge will also be constructed .
More convenient to go to the Japan coast area than now!

That means I can have a SPF pork tour in Tobetu and a sushi tour in Atsuta, a coastal town, on the same day in the near future :)

I really enjoyed Tobetu today, too!

■Where is Tobetsu?
View Larger Map

■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


nakamajikun said... food pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My dinner tonight is fish...and I have to cook it...but ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................. I wish I was eating meat tonite!!!

K.K. said...

Do you love meat, too? I love meat, but I also love fish, too :)
I've decided I'll eat meat & fish tonight!
Hahahahah :)

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