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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Enjoy Hokkaido Ingredients@Sagra in Sapporo

Are you enjoying the weekend?
Yes, I am :)
Yesterday, I went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Sagra, near Odori park.

99% of their ingredients are from Hokkaido here and always veeeeeeeeeeery fresh and seasonable!

I like this atmosphere! There are no teenagers, and the chef & staff members are friendly!

We ordered today's spacial course. The chef explained about the dishes first and we chose this white wine.

Seasonable crab (from the Okhotsk Sea) on udo (from Hakodate)
I enjoyed the contrast between sweetness of the crab meat and bitterness of udo. The crab is very special! It was caught just after drift ice was gone from the ocean. Drifted ice carries a lot of plankton :)
That's way the crab meat was very rich!

White asparagus (from Akaigawa)
It is very seasonable and naturally sweeeeeeeet! It was completely different form ones sold at supermarkets.

Home-made bread
I liked the fluffy texture ♪

Glehnia littoralis on smoked cherry salmon
Glehnia littoralis is "a kind of" Japanese parsley, but I'd never eaten it before! It tastes slightly bitter and I felt the spring time♪

Natural scallop (from Shibetsu) on peas & pasta
This scallop is very big and I liked the texture!

Risotto with Oyster named KAKIEMON (from Akkeshi)
The rice absorbed the juice of the oysters............

Bigoli with white shrimps and shiitake mushrooms (from Nanae)
This shitiake is actually a special mushroom named Osama (or King) mushroom. It is very fleshy and very tasty!

Hakurakuya (form Miyagi)
I love sake very much, too!

Roasted lamb (from Asyoro)
Lamb is one of the popular meat in Hokkaido. It is very tender and doesn't have strong lamb flavor!

Don't miss some desserts!
Pineapple ravioli with passion fruit source (produced in Japan)
I looooooooooove it! The pineapple was thinly sliced and covered ice cream!

Panna Cotta with strawberry source (from Yuni)
The strawberry had a strong sweet flavor!!!

I really enjoyed the dinner yesterday!

■Where is Sagra?

■Tour guide information■
Do you need a nationally-licensed English-speaking tour guide when you travel to Hokkaido?
I'll guide you! Plz click here!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks delicious! Pineapple and passion fruit in Italian style? Yuummm

K.K. said...

Yes, everything IS delicious!!!
The dessert was wonderfully great! Visit and try this restaurant! I really recommend it♪

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