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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LeTAO (Main Shop & PATHOS) in Otaru

LeTAO is one of the famous and popular confectionery companies in Hokkaido. There are several shops of LeTAO on Sakai-machi main street (堺町本通り) in Otaru.
We visited the main shop, across from Otaru Music Box Museum, the other day.

If you like hot chocolate, I recommend this "CHOCOLATE DRINK BAR" in the shop!

You can enjoy freshly-made chocolate drink!

I like bitter one, but you can select from sweet to mild to bitter drink.

The most popular product here is Fromage Double(ドゥーブルブルフロマージュ); a double layered cheesecake with baked cream cheese and no-bake mascherpone.

I really love it!

I also recommend its fresh soft chocolate, especially white one with grape flavor (ホワイトチョコレートナイアガラ)!!!

On the second floor, you can eat its sweets including cakes.

Let me see.......... What should we eat???

We chose a strawberry cake,

and a chocolate cake,

and a cheese cake!

Don't forget chocolate drinks!
Look at the cups! They're soooooooooooooo cute!

LeTAO opened its new shop and cafe, PATHOS, on May 16th, 2011 on the same street!

It has a crape section,

a chocolate & cake section,

a bakery section,

and even a bag section!!!
SOMES Saddle Co. is the only manufacturer of equestrian gear in this country. The company has produced high-quality domestic harness and bags.

On the second floor, there is a cafe-restaurant.

I ate a Mont Blanc tart.

If you cannot choose only one dessert, how about a Double Plate (ドゥーブルプレート), which has three kinds of their delicious cheese cake; Chocolat Frommage (ショコラフロマージュ), Cinderella DE Fromage (シンデレラデフロマージュ), and Double Fromage (ドゥーブルフロマージュ), the most popular and standard one? Perfect, isn't it?

We really enjoyed their sweets :)

■Where are shops of LeTAO?

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■Tour guide information■
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Anonymous said...

Lovely Pictures ! . . so sweet presentation / WARA

K.K. said...

Yes, soooooooooooooo sweet♪
I love LeTAO!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Somes Saddle. Very high quality.

K.K. said...

>Anonymous :-)
Right! The products are a little bit expensive, but very high quality! When you come to Otaru, plz visit PATHOS and check the leather items!!

Anonymous said...

I went to Otaru twice. Once in dec for winter and recently during summer. For some reason, i didnt manage to visit or see any obvious cafes. I must have walked the wrong stretch. The only street i walked was the one with shops selling glass and music box. During winter, it was too cold nothing interest me much. During summer, we did not have enough time to explore more except the otaru canal area. I wish i knew where to visit the next time!

K.K. said...

This cafe is on the street you visited! Next time, please enjoy a lot of attractions like this cafe!!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one has commented on the fabulous décor! The full wall screens with electronic animal characters against a backdrop of changing seasons. The food and drink were secondary! I'm from Adelaide in Australia and I have never seen anything quite so wonderful in a café! Jennifer from SA

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