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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bally Yatai (バリー屋台)| Food Stall Complex | Yubari

We visited a unique food stall complex located in Yubari (夕張) today, which still has snow even in April↓

"Bally Yatai (バリー屋台)" is next to "Hotel Mount Racey (ホテルマウントレースイ)", a ski resort hotel, and JR Yubari Station (JR夕張駅).

Actually almost nobody was walking on the street around here, but when we enter the food stall complex..........

Wow! Wow! Wow! They were enjoying local food and beer inside!!!

There are eight food stalls in the complex, and we can bring any dish to the center tables.

We chose "Shikanotani 3 chome Shokudou (鹿の谷3丁目食堂) first!

There are a lot of fans for their curry soba

The soup with slices of pork and onions entangles with soba noodles like this↓ Yummy x 2!!!

After eating noodles, we put rice and half boiled egg into the soup, and made curry risotto

What a great idea!!!

Next we chose "Yubari ramen (夕張ラーメン)" to eat very special ramen!!

This is "Yubari kuro (black) ramen (夕張黒ラーメン)". What is black? Do you have any idea???

Surprisingly the noodles are black!!!!

Yubari used to flourish in the coal industry, and the city promotes something black like that!!!

■Where is "Bally Yatai (バリー屋台)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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Melissa said...

Do you know if this place is open every day?

K.K. said...

It is open every day, but restaurant hours are depending on the food stall. Please check it when you go there! Enjoy!

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