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Monday, April 01, 2013

Shukuzu Panorama Observatory (祝津パノラマ展望台) | Otaru

"Shukuzu Panorama Observatory (祝津パノラマ展望台)" is one of the recommendable places to enjoy very beautiful scenery in Otaru (小樽).

Look at Hiyoriyama Lighthouse (日和山灯台) and "Herring Mansion (小樽市鰊御殿)" at the tip of Akaiwa Rock (赤岩). Otaru is famous for herring, which were caught a lot near here especially in the 20th century, when some of the fishermen became billionaires  and constructed so-called herring mansions like this↓

This observatory is located near Otaru Aquarium (小樽水族館), in the Otaru-Shakotan Otarukaigan Quasi-National Park (小樽積丹小樽海岸国定公園).

We can fully enjoy the Sea of Japan in front of us!

It has different charms depending on the season and time, but I recommend ............

the sunset from here! How beautiful it is!

■Where is "Shukuzu Panorama Observatory (祝津パノラマ展望台)"?

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■Tour guide information■
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